Oily Fish Consumed During Pregnancy May Reduce Asthma Risk in Kids as They Age

Children of mothers who regularly ate salmon while they were pregnant may be less likely to receive a medical diagnosis of asthma than children whose mother did not eat salmon during their pregnancy. In this study, one group of women ate salmon twice a week from week 19 of their pregnancy through delivery and one group of women refrained from eating salmon during the same time frame. Their children had allergy tests at six months of age and then again two to three years later. The results revealed no difference in the rate of asthma between the two groups of children at six months of age; however, as the children grew, those exposed to salmon while in utero were significantly less likely to be develop asthma when compared with the children of mothers who abstained from salmon during pregnancy.
University of Southampton, April 2016

Diet: Eating Fish!

Regular fish consumption can decrease colorectal cancer risk by 12%.
American Journal of Medicine, June 2012