Do I Have Whiplash? – Check on the Symptoms

Majority of health related conditions deteriorate over time if you do not seek an immediate treatment to cure them. This is very common since we often take things lightly and overlook the intense conditions related to a pinch like pain. Neck sprain can often be mistakenly attributed to wrong posture, such as sleeping on an outdated pillow. Although, conditions like these might contribute towards minor neck pain, they might not be the only thing causing neck strain and other back pains. Thus, you should seek an immediate visit to your physician and identify what is wrong with your neck. [Read more…]

How to Treat a Car Accident Injury through Chiropractic

Government stats for traffic safety reveal that more than 30,000 casualties occur due to vehicle related accidents in United States every year. Although, strong road and safety regulations are in place for the safety of travelers, little results have been achieved to bring the numbers down. A lot of individuals face serious injuries, which limit their ability to move freely. [Read more…]

Chiropractic: Complexity of The Brain

How complex is the brain? One cubic inch of brain cortex contains over 10,000 miles of connecting tissue.
Guyton’s Physiology

Chiropractic: Athletes Feel The Difference

“Were it not for Chiropractic, I would not have won the gold medal.”
~Dan O’Brien, Olympic Gold Medalist and 3x World Champion Decathlete

Chiropractic: Pregnancy and Back Pain

Approximately 60% of pregnant women suffer from back pain; however, only about 30% report symptoms to their prenatal provider and only 25% of providers recommend treatment. A review of 17 pregnant women who sought chiropractic care for back pain found 16 of 17 women demonstrated clinically important pain improvement within 4.5 days of seeking care, with no adverse side effects.
Journal of Midwifery & Women’s Health, January-February 2006