Is the ProAdjuster Right for Your Child?

Since you want only the best for your child’s health, consider the ProAdjuster.

When Chiropractic and technology meet, the results are incredible. The ProAdjuster is one of the most advanced Chiropractic evaluation and treatment instruments in existence today! Both you and your child will be amazed at the ease and exactness of the analysis and treatment. Your child will receive an accurate evaluation using the same technology applied by engineers to test materials on spaceships and bridges.

The ProAdjuster evaluation allows the doctor to see exactly which vertebrae are not in proper alignment. You can see your child’s condition displayed on the monitor during the evaluation process. There is no guesswork. The ProAdjuster determines the best adjustment mode for your child’s specific condition. It then initiates a controlled percussion that is consistent and measurable. Most important, it is a completely gentle treatment.

You and your child will be happy with the process and the results!

The ProAdjuster technology has been successful at treating a host of conditions suffered by individuals of all ages. Many times people live with a condition because they do not realize they have an alternative. Now is the time to embrace the alternative for everyone in your family.

– The ProAdjuster Lifestyle