Meet Our Physical Therapist

Bill White, Physical Therapist

Bill White, Physical Therapist

A native of California, Bill White was born in Riverside (So. California). White says ” I became interested in physical therapy in high school.” A graduate of U.C. San Francisco in 1966, Bill moved to El Dorado County originally because of a business opportunity.

Bill White and his wife, Marie, have lived in El Dorado County since 1972. They have 8 children, Sharon, Jeff, Jennifer, Melissa, Cindy, Peter Colleen, and Megan and 11 grandchildren.

As a volunteer firefighter in the past and his church work, Bill has certainly kept himself busy!

What are Bill’s current favorite activities? He enjoys sports, especially NASCAR, reading, gardening, model railroading (HO scale) and woodworking. If you share any of these interests you just might want to mention this to him during your next visit.